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Feb 2018
Feb 25 2018 05:27
Does any one knows how to install react in python environment?
Feb 25 2018 12:30
@sabin20 hi there you need to separate the client side to do UI layer and your backend for data representation/handling, so you need a REST APIs to exposed your endpoints for your client side to consume via http request.
Feb 25 2018 16:02
Guys I need help!
Im building a series of web app solutions for a small business as an intern, all Django .
I need advice on how to host these apps. I usually go with Python Anywhere cos it's straightforward and custom made for Python stack.
But I have only ever worked on personal side projects till now
Is python Anywhere a good choice for a real-world app?
What are the alternatives? I am also trying to minimize costs for the business, so take that into consideration
Thanks for any help
Aleksey Radchenko
Feb 25 2018 16:25
shahraiz ali
Feb 25 2018 20:07
Hi everyone!
has anybody experience with django localization and internationalization??
Feb 25 2018 20:31
@badcoder28 so what should be the folder structure be like? Is there any guide online for that?
Feb 25 2018 20:54
@sayanchowdhury do you have know to integrate React and Django?
Anyone here who can help me with integrating React and Django in Visual Studio. I am having hard time after going through numerous tutorials and repositories.