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Feb 2018
Feb 28 2018 04:07
hello there! I'm writing a tutorial on Django / Django REST + React
Can you show, your tutorial?
Prateek Dabas
Feb 28 2018 08:39
int_date = datetime.strptime(received_json['interview_date'],'%d/%m/%Y').date()
i am getting keyerror in this
how can i handle this error
Prateek Dabas
Feb 28 2018 08:52
if this variable is used in further code
Feb 28 2018 09:36
@sdoshi579 You can try udemy they have good courses for 700-1200INR. With that self learning and trying different things in the application.
Feb 28 2018 09:42
@soumyachatterjee18 thanks✌️
Feb 28 2018 12:19
hi, i am trying to create a new app in my django project but getting following error
whats the problem?
Anton Pirker
Feb 28 2018 12:57
there is a python module "djoser" missing. you need to install it. how to do this you will find here:
in short: just run: "pip install djoser" and try again.