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Apr 2018
Apr 01 2018 01:00
@iammiracle Why dont you implement an email verification method? first when a user sign up with username, email and password they are not automatically logged to your site unless the email is verified, django already have this.
Apr 01 2018 01:07

@felyx you can serialize model instance object using django.core.serializers

from django.core import serializers
data = serializers.serialize("json", SomeModel.objects.all())

More information is read from here

Apr 01 2018 09:45
I'm beginner in django. I had learned from some tutorials and combined the explanations to my own app. But I'm still clueless about the way to calculate values from my form and save it. it's simply like a+b+c = d whereas a, b, c and d are stated in my a, b, c and d are decimalField .
Saptarshi Dey
Apr 01 2018 22:16
hi! anyone up here?