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Jun 2018
Jun 04 2018 12:48
Yeah à little less hype isn't gonna kill Django anytime soon.
Jun 04 2018 14:39
for it to be dying there needs to be a successor and I'm not sure there's anything out there that's better. plenty of equals
when you consider PHP actually deserved to die about 10 years ago and is still everywhere I think there's a while to go for the current crop of frameworks
Kyle Mulka
Jun 04 2018 16:08
If you like using JavaScript better than Python, you could use node.js. Some people claim that because you use the same language in the web browser node.js is better than using a framework in a different language on the server. But, I think, in reality, developing server-side stuff is much different than developing client-side stuff so I don't think having the same language on both ends is really that much of a benefit
Another successor to Django may end up being some serverless framework. I've heard that Django doesn't work as well with serverless because of the start up time. But, I'm thinking about trying Django with AWS Lambda myself one of these days.
Jun 04 2018 17:09
Personally I can't spea
Personally I don't have an opinion yet on which technology I think is better. But I am looking for a job, so I want as much skills listed on my resume even if I only have working knowledge on those skills. So I think learning a JavaScript framework on front end and a python framework on back end would help me become more marketable for companies.