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Jul 2018
Curtis Maloney
Jul 25 2018 01:12
I found most templated email generators painful to use in django [mostly because they took over too much functionality] so I wrote
in case it's any help, @fsecada01
Curtis Maloney
Jul 25 2018 07:09
yes... all HTML form data are strings
ah.. literal_eval... interesting
wait... why does it look like you've posted JSON as a field key?
request.GET... so... you put json in the querystring??
@iammiracle what on earth are you doing?
@iammiracle can you give details about how your client is encoding and sending the data?
Jul 25 2018 14:43
Hi, @funkybob . I'm going to install and test out this module. I'm most interested in checking out the email view.