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Sep 2018
Sep 07 2018 08:04

I can't find a graphQL/graphene channel so i'll try here. I'm using Graphene-django-subscritption and trying to get a graphql subscritption thtough a WebSocket connection. It's supposed to be trivial but i'm stuck with error messages :
On the client

WebSocket connection to 'ws://' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Sent non-empty 'Sec-WebSocket-Protocol' header but no response was received

In graphiql :

      "message": "Subscriptions are not allowed. You will need to either use the subscribe function or pass allow_subscriptions=True"

Any idea where i pass allow_subscriptions=True ???

Sep 07 2018 08:35
how clone model's instance in different database´╝č
Harry Moreno
Sep 07 2018 15:18
@LukeVideo not sure haven't tried that project
@flyerooo you just want one model instance, it's easy to dump the whole db and load into another db, but a particular row in a table could be tricky
Sep 07 2018 15:59
@morenoh149 nevermind. I managed to get the auth to pass thanks to special views in graphql-django-extra. But once I had a connection I couldn't get data through... I ll try again later...
Sep 07 2018 18:27
Hi I am trying to write a view
which callls a script now sure how to implement thus
Harry Moreno
Sep 07 2018 18:42
can the script be python code in the view or model?
Harry Moreno
Sep 07 2018 22:40
what's the benefit of using something like ?
I want my users to be able to sign up via facebook and I want to pull in their avatar and friendlist, Down the line I'll also add sign up via instagram