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Sep 2018
Sep 09 2018 05:26
What happens if we do not create a virtual environment for our project and following the other steps. Does this create a problem later.
arpit anand
Sep 09 2018 06:15
Hi all ,
I have one question
When we write queryset like this
How can we pass this Data model name form a url parameter
Like we have in url ?procedure=Data
So i want to take model name from this params
Alexei Znamensky
Sep 09 2018 09:04
@DikshitMaheshwari it might, yes. If you install the python packages straight into the OS, it is likely that at some point in the future you will have two applications with conflicting package requirements. Or maybe you are conding in python3 and the OS still uses python2 as default. General idea is: isolate your projects to prevent such situations.
Sep 09 2018 14:43
Hello guys, please i want to work with django. May any one guide me a good place to start up?
Harry Moreno
Sep 09 2018 19:21
@DikshitMaheshwari virtualenv helps with installing the software and isolating it from other things on the system. Use it for dev machines. If this is production it may be optional.
Harry Moreno
Sep 09 2018 19:27
@mjarpitanand in your view, you can access the url params, then the view can pass it into model.objects.filter(param=param)