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Sep 2018
Sep 20 2018 00:53
@morenoh149 thank you
Tanveer Ahmed
Sep 20 2018 07:40
Please Help, I want all categories in drop down menu where I click a Category it will show me all items related with category How Can I do this in django-mptt in django2.0?
Nathan Kirui
Sep 20 2018 10:18
hey guys someone assist me here..
i want to extract the email address
Sep 20 2018 10:48
Hey guys, I took interested in Django recently, so anyone have a advice for a beginner. Thanks
Sep 20 2018 14:01

Hi, @WaterNguyen96 . As someone who got into Django/Python from a distinctly non-coding/mathematics background, I can advise you of this:

1) Learn how to read and understand error messages and logs. This will save you a lot of time with asking questions and attempting possible solutions

2) Be comfortable with making a lot of mistakes and not having anything work right off the bat. You will hate it. It will be unbearable and awful. Then you will start getting some things to work. Then other things. Then you will find that you've developed a high toleralance for frustration and came out the other side with patience and understanding.

3) Learn how to communicate your issues when asking groups/stack exchange. Talk about your use case, the modules that you are using, what you are trying to do, and where you are having problems. This will help you get the answers you need as quickly as possible while also helping others to understand where you are coming from.

4) Be empathetic. On that same coin, learn to manage developers who lack soft skills/are assholes.

5) Keep at it. You are going to feel like it is impossible to understand. Then things will get better. Then you will learn more. Then you'll find yourself in the position of being knowledgeable about the framework and Python. There won't be a big AH HA moment (or there may be; it didn't happen for me) but you will eventually find yourself comfortable saying that you are a Django developer.

6) Have fun with it!

St├ęphane TA Bi
Sep 20 2018 18:10
@fsecada01 Thank you very much for this advises