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Sep 2018
Sep 28 2018 08:09
Hy all, me again ! I want to do a confirmation system in my app before saving some model. I have most of the logic done but i was wondering if icould :
Ask for an Email OR a Telephone number and make it mutualy exclusif. If you want to confirm by mail the model can't have the telephone number saved if you choose the sms/ telephone you can't have an email saved. Is there something that could implement this at the model Field declaration Or should i implement that logic in a custom save method ?
Sep 28 2018 18:08
Hey guys I want to develop a project (student attendance related) on blockchain . I will be taking the help of Django . I am unable to find any practical suggestions on how should i start . Which IDE should i use , what tools ,plugins i will need etc. i am totally confused . Please help
Mike Simkins
Sep 28 2018 18:24
@Devansh-Anhal It really depends on personal preference for an IDE or a Text Editor, if you are a 'graphical' person, look at Visual Studio Code/SublimeText/Atom, if you are a command line person, look at VIM with the various plugins - Im sure a quick google will find you many aricles on how to set these editors up