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Sep 2018
Sep 29 2018 12:35
@msimkins do u have any links for the tutorial where can i learn blockchain in python,
Mike Simkins
Sep 29 2018 13:21
@Devansh-Anhal I do not, I heve never considered blockchain, I dont really seem to get on with Django, I use another language / Framework
Sep 29 2018 15:50
@Devansh-Anhal with Django you need web3py to interact with an Ethereum client. You may have to run your own node. You'll have to use it as an additional library.
Bende Falanga Joshua
Sep 29 2018 16:37
Hello here I need your help have you an idea on pyChef? Think you
Sep 29 2018 19:19
@LukeVideo thanks a lot