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Oct 2018
Oct 28 2018 00:28

Ben Finney > <> @tanveerobjects_twitter Saleor

how do you compare them? Which one is better at what, and how do you know?

Ben Finney > <> I want to know about Python Ecommerece or django Ecommerce Which one is better Oscar or Saleor? Please which one I choose to develop Ecommerece Website in Python % Django?

any details about what would make one better than another, for your purpose?

Oct 28 2018 07:05
Hey, people. Trying to retrieve data from the server but my Django serializer returns id instead of the real object.
exercise = serializers.PrimaryKeyRelatedField(
Any thoughts?
Oct 28 2018 08:23
@kobvel that sounds like a DRF question - if so have you asked it there? If not, could you expand the code sample a little, please.
big eyes
Oct 28 2018 08:34
hello all I want get a query from db and update some fields(not all) via modelform or model formset and wanna user see additional info of my model how accomplish it ?
my question in stackoverflow but no one answer
Oct 28 2018 08:42
@ajostergaard I found a root of the problem
class RoundExerciseWodListSerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer):
    metric = serializers.SerializerMethodField()
    weight_metric = serializers.SerializerMethodField()
    exercise = ExerciseSerializer()

    class Meta:
        model = models.RoundExercise
        fields = (
Final code
thank you for your help
Oct 28 2018 08:44
Utsav Shrestha
Oct 28 2018 12:23
Hello guys. I am developing a mini project in Django. I want your suggestion as to what technology I should use to build the frontend. My requirement is that I need some technology that I can learn and deploy fast.
Tanveer Ahmed
Oct 28 2018 16:20
@ProudPirate I think you learn basic of HTML and CSS and few frontend frameworks like bootstrap or materializecss Yes for new techonologies you should learn Travis CI its Automation Continues Integrations and deploying projects online on different technologies servers.
Utsav Shrestha
Oct 28 2018 17:45
@tanveerobjects_twitter Thanks for the info.