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Oct 2018
Reagan Scofield
Oct 30 2018 08:43
Hey Guys anyone here enrolled in this udemy course "Python Django Dev To Deployment" from Brad Traversy ?
Oct 30 2018 10:44
hello there! Do you happen to know if it is possible to add custom model managers to already existing models from a third-party library?
M Abdullah Abid
Oct 30 2018 11:12
send_payment_confirmation celery task being executed twice
Anyone run into this?
Mariusz Korzekwa
Oct 30 2018 14:09
@wulaaf check signals
big eyes
Oct 30 2018 16:47
I want to execute some code every day at specific time in django how do it?
Puneeth Kumar DN
Oct 30 2018 18:29
@0r0 Run as a period task.