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Nov 2018
Asif Saif Uddin
Nov 02 2018 08:04
need help to fix an error
Asif Saif Uddin
Nov 02 2018 09:35
=================================== FAILURES ===================================
___ CustomLoginViewTest.test_viewok __
self = <djadmin2.tests.test_views.CustomLoginViewTest testMethod=test_view_ok>
def test_view_ok(self):
  response = self.client.get(reverse("admin2:dashboard"))
 if template_name_list:
      raise TemplateDoesNotExist(', '.join(template_name_list), chain=chain)
E TypeError: sequence item 0: expected str instance, list found
need help in fixing 3 failures
Nov 02 2018 09:50
@auvipy no time to look at any of your other issues but in the first one template_name_list clearly needs to be a list of strings not a list with a list in it template_name_list = [['djadmin2theme_bootstrap3/custom_login_template.html']]- good luck!
Asif Saif Uddin
Nov 02 2018 12:42
Nov 02 2018 13:32
Does anyone know wlhow to disable to Django rest web page on GET of routes ?
Damn autocorrect
Does anyone know how to disable the Django rest web page on GET routes ?
Nov 02 2018 17:05
@moraza sounds like DRF - perhaps ask in the DRF room. ;)
Brylle Obra
Nov 02 2018 17:46
Hi guys!!
can i ask you guys how to use django with angularjs?
i was thinking of using angularjs to control the template routing to minimize the "refreshing" of the page