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Nov 2018
Brylle Obra
Nov 03 2018 05:42
Hello anyone can help me with django?
Devansh Upadhyay
Nov 03 2018 05:49
@brylleobra You can create a rest api with django and consume the data in angular using services
Brylle Obra
Nov 03 2018 05:50
Yes but why am i seeing django projects that dont have
In their project and app
Can you really run django without it and use angular as your url routing?
I mean if you check his project is withhout a
Its getting confusing @_@
Brylle Obra
Nov 03 2018 14:15
Yep thats the project that i was talking about
Nov 03 2018 16:00
And that's a file.
Nov 03 2018 18:24
Where are the 2018 django projects available, it is not there on the official site.
Brylle Obra
Nov 03 2018 21:13
Oh okay i didnt see the it was in the boiler plate