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Nov 2018
Andreas Galazis
Nov 06 2018 12:39
Hello all
Nov 06 2018 12:40
Andreas Galazis
Nov 06 2018 12:40
I was wondering if there is any way to have an Admin inline for models 2 levels down ie related to a model that is related to the model of my admin
apart from nested inlines from The Atlantic
I just want to show it directly not in a nested manner
Nov 06 2018 13:21

Off topic please:

anyone know a free ER Diagram application on Mac OS? Django models are hard to visialize if it goes complex.\

Klemen Tušar
Nov 06 2018 13:31
it's cross platform since it's written in Java
and supports every possible relational database I know
Nov 06 2018 13:38
Seems like DBeaver is an RDMS GUI
Im only looking for database modeling that is not connected to the real db though.
Nov 06 2018 13:53
Thanks @techouse I decided to go for
Mike Simkins
Nov 06 2018 17:46
@roelzkie15 If you have the django-extensions intalled you can use Graphviz to draw ERD. It should work OK on a Mac