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Nov 2018
Sharif Anani
Nov 08 2018 04:14
Hi everyone! I think I found a bug in django's DateTimeField and DateTimeInput, but the code I'm working with is proprietary (for my employer), any idea how I can describe the bug without using the actual code I'm working on?
Nov 08 2018 14:38
@fsecada01 I found the problem, not matter the static url, I can visit the url http://ip:port/media/xxx.mp4 correctly. the problem is I will get a url what is "http://ip:port/media/media/xxx.mp4". when I use django admin backend to upload a file with models.FileField of django.model it'll return a url without "/" for instance, I upload a file xxx.mp4, then it'll return "media/xxx.mp4", that url dosen't work on django. correct url should be "/media/xxx.mp4", that will work.