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Nov 2018
Muhammad Bandawa
Nov 26 2018 06:04
Hi there, I wanted to know if it's possible to do <npm install> on another machine and if it runs successfully can I just copy the node_modules folder to my development machine that's offline given I use the same node --version and npm --version or it's much more complicated than just a copy and paste?
Please advise.
Peter Bittner
Nov 26 2018 18:04

A question towards all women in tech (aka @djangogirls):

Would you feel taken seriously, or even attracted, by tech job adverts that are specifically tailored towards women by both pink coloring (e.g. company logo colored in pink) and only female attributes in the text (i.e. not extending a male-ish ad, but publish an additional, separate job ad only for women)?

(Are these stereotypes or real symbols that are valid for women in tech?)