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Nov 2018
Nov 29 2018 00:13
mch oh okay, that makes sense. I'll just edit the and start doing it that way then.
mch cheers
Nov 29 2018 00:55
@fsecada01 i have got it to work, apparently django want me to put the register annotation at the top of the function instead of setting it equal to it... i.e
thank you.
from django.template import Library

register = Library()

def multiply_tag(value, arg):
    return value * arg

multiply_tag = register.filter(name="multiply_tag")
Nov 29 2018 13:25
hi guys, is anyone here to help with something ?
Nov 29 2018 14:00
when a request gets logged it looks like this (pretty sure it's the default format): [14/Nov/2018 11:50:01] "GET /static/icon.png HTTP/1.1" 200 1206. Anybody knows what the last number means? Or where I can find out how the message format that's being used looks like?
Nov 29 2018 14:33
hii, is anyone hre
I need some help
is anyone hereee
So basically I've deployed my website in heroku
but the media files are not being served
because the dynos shut down after 30 min of no request. The thing is that my png files my logos and all that in the static files are being rendered just right. Would a solution to this media files not being served be to actually put the media files in the static folder
or do I absolutely need to go with amazon S3 solution ?
Angel Gonzalo
Nov 29 2018 14:39
hi, anyone knows of an app to accept apple pay in app payments?
Angel Gonzalo
Nov 29 2018 14:51
@fsecada01 thanks, but those don't accept apple pay directly, they use stripe or other payments platforms between. I'd like to talk directly to apple pay.
Nov 29 2018 14:53

Apple Pay has a very restrictive API so I imagine that there's no way to natively accept them directly unless you gain developer access.

Nov 29 2018 17:56
@kpagcha if I'm not mistaken it's the amount of data transferred.