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Dec 2018
Dec 15 2018 12:33
Hey All! Can someone help me with using Spacy with Django.
I am seeing requests timeout. the .load('') takes too long leading to timeouts.
stuff is running on heroku.
I am as of now using only the .similarity() method...
is there a possiblitiy to not load the whole thing rather just use vectors and stuff with numpy to directly calculate the similarity. Not sure if last one made sense
The problem is Heroku's 30 second tineout.
Any help would be really appreciated.
Dec 15 2018 12:57
Hello. Do you know good alternative with modern design for django-jet?
Dec 15 2018 17:05
Hi Guys! I just need your opinion about using Djongo as a django driver for mongodb, is it a good set for big data website? and why big companies are using multiple programming languages and web framework?
Dec 15 2018 19:03
I think js frameworks have much better to offer than django if you prefer mongo