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Feb 2019
Rodney Jan Mandap
Feb 11 07:12
hi guys
is it possible to add a toggle button in django-tables2?
Feb 11 07:44
does anyone know how can we bypass amazon captcha without using anticaptcha module?
Feb 11 11:30
Hi Guys , I am going through Djangogirls tutorial of django . The tutorial begins with creation of a virtual environment . Why do we need a virtual environment ? In what ways not using separate virtual environments for separate apps can create disturbance ?
I mean is it like , let's say I am having Apps "a" and "b" . The virtual environment of one contains certain upgraded version of a package and the virtual env of another an older version . Aand if things are going fine with different versions in both the places then there is no need to take risk of upgrading the package in app B also , right ?
Is this the rationale behind that ?
Umar Sohail
Feb 11 13:06
How can I make a system where users access some of the content after paying for that??
Feb 11 17:01
Anyone knows good articles for Django models and method creation in Models
Jesús Alvarado Garzón
Feb 11 17:16
buy two scoops of django! @Sudhanshu1992