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Dec 2016
Allan Matthew
Dec 01 2016 01:31
Has anyone run into this error? ERROR validateSerialDevice,line 118: Failed to read from serial device. The Onboard SDK is not communicating with your drone.
I'm running an Ubuntu 16.04 image in a VM with an FTDI USB->serial converter that talks to an M100 UART
A couple others have the same problem:
I was previously able to communicate with the M100 using the Onboard-SDK demo applications, but I'm no longer ever able to communicate
I did a bit of digging and it appears that the serial read() is returning 0 bytes in LinuxSetup.cpp, which triggers that error. I know that I'm getting data over the serial line though, as I can connect minicom to the port and see data streaming in
Rohit Sant
Dec 01 2016 18:14

@allanm84 A USB->Serial converter will report that it is connected even if the UART end is left open. To avoid false positives, we have an additional check (validateSerialDevice) that looks at the broadcast data on the line. If it does not receive any data on the line it will return this error. In our tests, this check has proven to be quite robust.

A few questions: (a) What VM are you using? (b) Can you post a minicom log? I assume minicom is running on the same VM, is that right? (c) What baud rate are you trying comms at?

Rohit Sant
Dec 01 2016 18:34
@/all PSA: if you are having the std::runtime_error after cloning the hotfix release and are using an M100, please revert to the 3.1.9 release. There is no functional difference between the 3.1.9 and the releases for the M100 and for A3 units running FW or below. We will fix the runtime error in an upcoming release. Apologies!
Rohit Sant
Dec 01 2016 20:31
UPDATE: The error has been fixed temporarily, so you can simply pull from gitHub to make it go away.