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Feb 2017
Eduardo Cordeiro
Feb 16 2017 08:07
Hello. I have recently acquired a Matrice M100 and I am curently experience the error: "ERROR validateSerialDevice,line 118: Failed to read from serial device. The Onboard SDK is not communicating with your drone."
The same @allanm84 was complaining about.
It is my first time using an M100 and I cant seem to run any of the linux applications. Current Setup is a Linux Machine running 16.04 and a Windows 10 Machine for the DJI assistant connected over UART/TLL and Micro-Usb
I also did the command: sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER
Rohit Sant
Feb 16 2017 17:54
@Corusco The non-Lightbridge activation is a work in progress. The next firmware release should offer a fully functional assistant-based method for activation - but the next firmware release will likely be toward the end of March. Apologies for the inconvenience.
@comgeek The linux sample app does not currently offer an example of telemetry data - however it is very easy to do. Modify the Linux sample and add a call to getBroadcastData(); The returned data structure should have all the telemetry data you enabled in DJI Assistant 2's SDK page. Call this in a loop to get it at some desired frequency.
Rohit Sant
Feb 16 2017 18:01
@EduardoCordeiro the error @allanm84 was facing was a bug that has been fixed in the hotfix release; the error you see is likely a real issue. To help debug, could you confirm that you:
  1. Enabled API control on DJI Assistant 2's SDK page
  2. Set baud rate to be the same on DJI Assistant 2 and in your UserConfig.txt
  3. Logged out and logged in after typing the sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER command