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Nov 2015
Naiyan Wang
Nov 14 2015 09:15
Hi @starimpact We have only about 10 developers in total, and we are all part time for this project.
If you see any problems in the project, please do not just complain. Your contribution is welcomed.
Zhang Ming
Nov 14 2015 09:30
why did you say it?i am also a cobtributer.
Naiyan Wang
Nov 14 2015 10:46
sorry I am not intend to offend anyone. mxnet is definitely not perfect at current stage. that is why your contribution is really appreciated.
Zhang Ming
Nov 14 2015 10:53
that's ok.
Tianqi Chen
Nov 14 2015 18:49
hi guys
@starimpact The people are more geo-distributed, so there could be delay in replying the im message.
For proposals to changes, we can use github issues to propose one change at a time, which is a quite effective way as we seen so far, because it is actionable, either by the proposal submitter, or others who like to take a charge
Gitter could be great for quick chat and trouble shootings