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Nov 2015
Nov 26 2015 14:08
Does anyone run the example adversary. I met an error
Nov 26 2015 14:22

for data, label in train_iter:
ValueError: too many values to unpack
then I modified the code as follows:

for data, label, pad ,index in train_iter:

another error occured: TypeError: type <type 'list'> not supported at arg_map["data"][:] = data
again I modified the code and it worked

for data, label, pad ,index in train_iter:
        data = train_iter.getdata()
        label = train_iter.getlabel()

I wonder is it necessory to use getdata() and getlabel()

Tianqi Chen
Nov 26 2015 17:17
@doobwa This means you did not build mxnet in the path
you can open an issue on MXNet.jl to ask chiyuan