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Mar 2016
Naiyan Wang
Mar 10 2016 03:00
@sufengniu we can have a talk if you are interested in FPGA implementation
Jordan Micah Bennett
Mar 10 2016 08:02
Quantized propagation, would indeed occur as a time space efficient optimization schematic, on the order of minimal FPGA architecture...
Sufeng Niu
Mar 10 2016 15:55
@winstywang sure, I am absolutely interested on it. @JordanMicahBennett, I don't know too much quantized propagation, I would appreciate if you can provide a refer. but the optimization steps requires sgemm which can utilize FPGA, More interesting way is that FPGA has special systolic array to perform QR/LU/SVD decomposition, which can be used for optimization scheme