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Apr 2016
Kota Weaver
Apr 20 2016 14:39
@freddycct looks like it is supported to some degree. i'm on linux, but what's going wrong with your install?
or rather, compilation?
Freddy Chua
Apr 20 2016 16:52
@femtogram , Here's what I face, when I use the precompiled binaries from @hjk41 to do "python install" it works, when I replace the precompiled libmxnet.dll with my own compiled libmxnet.dll and do "import mxnet" it works too. But when I "pip uninstall mxnet", then "python install" using my compiled libmxnet.dll, I will get an error saying the dll cannot be found. Something happen during the "python install" phase that fails with my own dll.
Kota Weaver
Apr 20 2016 19:39
@freddycct sounds like you just have the libmxnet.dll in the wrong path? it's also possible you need to invoke install from a specific directory. unfortunately i don't use windows or much python (i use the c++ version) so i can't really comment on your specific setup...