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Mar 2017
Mar 14 2017 03:30
2017-03-14 11:27:24屏幕截图.png
when i run "python --gpu 0 " in "mxnet\example\rcnn\"dir i get the error
anyone know the reason?
Mar 14 2017 05:43
why no one to answer the question
The problem has been solved
Qiyuan Gong
Mar 14 2017 09:32


def fit(self, X, y=None, eval_data=None, eval_metric='acc', epoch_end_callback=None, batch_end_callback=None, kvstore='local', logger=None, work_load_list=None, monitor=None, eval_end_callback=LogValidationMetricsCallback(), eval_batch_end_callback=None)

So, do not add x=, use X=.