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Repo info
    King of Oz
    I am a starter to mxnet
    when I was trying deep3d, I got an error: ValueError: Find name bn_pool3_moving_inv_var that is not in the auxiliary states
    can anybody give me some clues?
    King of Oz
    nobody here?
    Piyush Singh
    Have you managed to run any other model successfully using your mxnet checkout?
    Jacob Schreiber
    I'm looking for a resource on how to block gradients in a multi-task network on a sample by sample basis
    Does MxNet support this, and if so, is there a pointer on how to do it?
    Eric Junyuan Xie
    try using mask in softmax layer
    Jacob Schreiber
    Can you be a little more specific, please?
    Fredrik Bagge Carlson

    Hello, I have recently started to test this package out. When browsing through the examples this struck me:
    It would be convenient to have methods of the following type

    tanh(x::mx.SymbolicNode) = mx.Activation(x, act_type=:tanh)
    relu(x::mx.SymbolicNode) = mx.Activation(x, act_type=:relu)

    It would improve readability and make the code faster to write. I also believe it would make it easier for beginners

    Hello, I wonder how to use makeloss? I tried to follow a few example but never get it. Is there any simple sample like linear reg. Thanks!
    Fredrik Bagge Carlson
    I can't seem to figure out how to access the values of the hidden units using the Julia API. The documentation hints at the Group function, but I have had no luck there. I also had the idea of creating a new network that ends at the hidden nodes that are interesting to me, and initialize this network with the weights of my bigger trained network, no luck here either though :/
    Anyone using the Julia API that has a clue?
    Adam Hibble
    What do you think the best way of rolling NNVM for scala (For example, implimenting the tinyflow example in scala)? JavaCPP?
    Pranjay Patil
    Hi All, I am looking for the python docs for mxnet, quite honestly, I looked all around but couldn't find the docs to create convolutional neural networks or to add a convolutional layer
    The code examples seem to use mx.sym but I couldn't find the relevant API docs, please help if you know where to look
    Is anybody here?
    Wei Wu
    Al Vinjamur
    Am trying to use MXNET with GPU on Windows 10. Following directions on github does not work and I have errors at the very first step of installing the C++ compiler (2013 version) as indicated on github. Is there an easier way to accomplish all this??
    Xiaolin Zhang
    Hi, mxnet hackers. I am trying to load a model from my c++ program. But, the model seems contains a "Custom Operator" which is written in python. So, what is the proper way to deal with it?
    Zheng Xu
    @leoncamel oops. Could you write a C++ equivalent of the python Custom Operator?

    I am following the R instructions for using the pre-trained Inception model. (http://mxnet.io/tutorials/r/classifyRealImageWithPretrainedModel.html)

    However, whatever picture I send in, it seems to always send back "torch" or "school bus". Also, most scores are exactly zero. Anyone seen this before?

    Joeri Hermans
    Hi all, I am implementing an optimizer for a distributed KV store. However, the last step requires me to push some weights to the distributed KV_store. Anyone has some pointers to do this, or where the documentation describes this?
    Joeri Hermans
    To recap, from what I understand if you update the weight in the optimizer, e.g., weight[:] -= lr * grad then you update the weight directly in the KV store right?
    Shiv Gowda
    Is there a problem with travis-ci setup or tests? I see some of the PRs failed these tests but are still merged. Note I am new to this project and I am trying to understand the ground rules. -Thanks.
    Qingsong Liu
    Hi, are there some tutorials for distributed training with kubernetes
    Are there examples of a vae coded up in the julia interface to mxnet?
    Hi, I'm a newbie who is looking through the API and trying to figure out how to learn more about what all the options do. For example, in Convolution, there is no explanation of what dilate does or pad (although I found that term in Lasagne docs). Any suggestions on what to read? It seems there are many things that get added from separate papers and some list sources (like ADAM) and others don't.
    Eren Golge
    Guys anybody help me to compile mxnet with NNPACK support ?
    I compiled NNPACK
    but what files should I move to where ?
    Hi Every one
    Who is the industry that come up with MXNet
    Xin Li
    Hi, I found that version 0.9.1 removes Optimizer in c_api (MXOptimizer** functions), how do I get optimizer by c api now?
    a little suggestion about config.mk: specify export CC = gcc-4.9 rather than export CC = gcc system like ubuntu16.04 already used 5.4.0 and may failed the compilation process
    Spencer Lyon
    I have a couple simple (I think ) questions about the julia bindings. Is the the right place to ask?

    My question has no relation with this topic. I want to know the reason why does people use ::testing::initGoogleTest instead of testing::initGoogleTest when people use gtest to do unit test. => from this, I am confused by the difference of ::testing::initGoogleTest and testing::initGoogleTest? Sorry to take up u guys time here in such stupid question.

    Anyone can help me for this confusion?Thanks.

    @ultradian just search the keyword , for example dilate convolution, then you will find the paper, I am also reading the source now, takes some time, but worth it
    I am trying oinstall mxnet wit gpu support on windows to be used from julia ... so far it fails, can anyone here help in any way?
    Benoît Quartier
    Do you guys know if there is any way of reducing the precision of the types in mxnet? Right now the documentation says the NDArrays only supports mx_float, is that float32? And if you wanna reduce it is it possible to still use mxnet?
    Benoît Quartier
    identify vzco7dRDirsr
    Ashwin Jeyaseelan
    Hello I'm having trouble installing MXNet
    I cloned the repository and followed the instructions for quick install. But when I run my program from desktop, I get the error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "neuralnet.py", line 1, in <module> import mxnet as mx ImportError: No module named mxnet
    I have macOS
    Ashwin Jeyaseelan
    Any ideas what the error is? When I do the install, I get a brew update error, which fails to install openCV, which I can manually install. But I'm not sure why it isn't recognizing the mxnet module...
    Ashwin Jeyaseelan
    nvr mind submitted it as an issue and it got fixed