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Dec 2017
Dennis Vriend
Dec 07 2017 05:52
Hi Heiko, it depends what you mean with 'cluster-aware' :)
The plugin is basically just an actor, that manages a Map instance, and is launched by akka-persistence, and handles its messages.
The plugin was created with one simple use case; I wanted to learn akka-cluster, and wanted to learn it by means of unit testing, and the plugins at the moment (some time ago) didn't have snapshot in-memory support, and as you know, akka-cluster uses snapshotting, and cleaning up the directory with snapshots what the solution at the time.
Alas, there is no implementation to synchronise multiple instances of the map using a consensus protocol like eg. raft. I'm open for a PR for such a feature !!
Heiko Seeberger
Dec 07 2017 07:34
Thanks for the quick answer!
An alternative approach could be a simple cluster singleton. Or maybe sharding. WDYT?