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Repo info
    Never use same users in host and containers.
    Don't to it the Windows way!
    Yorman Aguirre
    Thank you @neo:solsys.org I'm going to rethink the solution in order don't do it in that way!
    Hi. I got SSL handshake error my API on docker network driver: overlay mode.
    using driver: bridge or host SSL call running well. Do you know how to fix this overlay mode? thanks much indeed
    Habib ur Rehaman
    Hi everyone!
    I am learning Docker & Drupal simultaneously.
    I'm getting a problem is i can't see the Drupal code on my local machine
    i guess it resides on Docker
    does anyone know, what's the solution for this?
    kristoff - on1arf

    hi all,

    I need some help by a docker 'network' expert.

    I like to run a server connected to the internet from my home network, but without using port-forwarding.

    Was I have in mind is this:

    • a container using 'routing software' (openWRT) as router

    • Two network interfaces:

    -> one 'host' network interface for the 'WAN' side. I will run PPPoE over that interface (as the modem of my ISP allows PPPoE passthrou to set up an additional connection)
    For security, I want to configure a mac-level firewall rule on that interface to only to allow PPPoE over that link. (I guess this needs to be done on the host)

    -> an internal Briged network towards the docker containers that run the applications.

    This interface should be a pure transparent ethernet-bridge (so that does not configure anything on the devices).
    This is needed for ipv6, as the ip-addresses to be used are provided by the ISP as a PPPoE address delegation; so I need to use ipv6 auto-configuration, controlled by OpenWRT

    Does somebody if this is possible with docker?

    • when I set up a openWRT container with two network interfaces (host + internal network), I get an error I cannot have a 'default' network and a self-created network on the same container.

    • how do I create a bridged network that does not configure an ip-address on the interface of the containers attached to the network?

    Thanks :-)


    Thing is, for this you will have to work around all docker network and iptables automation.
    If I were you, I'd run a small headless virtualbox VM and run it inside. This will not stop you from running other containers on your system.
    1 reply
    In that case, I'd run only that software on the PI (Firewall). Problem is that you only have one network interface.
    And going back out through the same interface will require you to work some workarounds as the data usually does not go out an interface without an app server handling it first.
    So - proxy or something similar will be required.
    kristoff - on1arf
    Thx for your update.
    I've been talking with a few collegues about this today and it looks that this design is probably not a good path forward.
    It looks like that what I have intended is not really what docker was designed for.
    So the most logical step will be t get myself a real hardware router so to have a real seperated network that is not physically connected to my home network.
    On that network,I can then install an additional single-board computer to run nextcloud and my matrix server.
    I guess, sometimes you just need to use software for what is has been designed to do :-)
    another question.
    on my home network I now have my pi4 running -among other things- influx and mosquitto MQTT broker.
    On my host, I run ahavi-publish to announce the ipv6 IP-addresses of these containers on my local LAN (e.g. 'mosquitto.local') so that the other hosts on my LAN can find easily find it
    is there a tool that automate this?
    kristoff - on1arf
    (I now do this avahi-publish manually. I am thinking of wrapping this into some python code myself to automate this, but if it already exists, I do not need to do this myself :-) )
    Is what I have as firewall. 2Gb ram and 32Gb SSD
    1 reply
    Ramesh Jothimani
    Hello ! I've made configuration to protect the docker daemon socket as mentioned here : https://docs.docker.com/engine/security/protect-access/ . Everything works well when I generate the client certificate & key to communicate with the Docker API. Is it possible that I can use my own certificate and authorize it for such communication instead of generating the client certificate & key ? The reason I ask is because, we already have a lot of certificates available in repo and I would like to use of that as an authorization mechanism. I'm quite new to docker & this is my first gitter post ! Thank you
    It has Intel chipset based network cards. I can get 2 1Gbps feeds through it and the CPU utilisation goes only to 20%...
    Really nice beast. They also have some with 6 network interfaces.
    On my firewall, I use a script-based firewall software called: Shorewall.
    It also runs my DHCP server, and that's it.
    Webert Lima


    is it possible to run a Windows container on a Linux host?
    Edit: no, because docker uses the underlying OS kernel. Thanks

    I have the docker desktop client stuck on the message "Docker engine starting..."
    1 reply
    any idea on how to debug this ?
    Anyone know if it is possible to create a symbolic link in a docker container? say I have /somewhere/to/place/asymlink and I want to symlink /mnt/something to that location
    1 reply
    so this is all within the container, not linking to the host system

    Hi guys! Does anyone know, why I can't see logs when building the image? I use docker on MacOS

    FROM node:14.3.0-alpine3.10
    WORKDIR /usr/src/test/
    COPY ./package*.json .
    RUN ls -lah
    EXPOSE 8000

    Running build:
    docker image build . --no-cache -t aaa

    Pay attention to the "RUN ls -lah" output, it shows nothing:

    [+] Building 1.2s (9/9) FINISHED                                                                                                         
     => [internal] load build definition from Dockerfile                                                                                0.0s
     => => transferring dockerfile: 614B                                                                                                0.0s
     => [internal] load .dockerignore                                                                                                   0.0s
     => => transferring context: 34B                                                                                                    0.0s
     => [internal] load metadata for docker.io/library/node:14.3.0-alpine3.10                                                           0.7s
     => [internal] load build context                                                                                                   0.0s
     => => transferring context: 406B                                                                                                   0.0s
     => [1/4] FROM docker.io/library/node:14.3.0-alpine3.10@sha256:a80d090aaba2c5aabd64f335502152de52228b2a8cbd496de2eb62d979f331aa     0.0s
     => CACHED [2/4] WORKDIR /usr/src/test/                                                                                             0.0s
     => [3/4] COPY ./package*.json .                                                                                                    0.0s
     => [4/4] RUN ls -lah                                                                                                               0.3s
     => exporting to image                                                                                                              0.0s
     => => exporting layers                                                                                                             0.0s
     => => writing image sha256:09f09b8db24f9170ab39d357bee74421ed11e5412f2a9c2399ddbe35a0b2cc13                                        0.0s
     => => naming to docker.io/library/aaa
    @sanyco92 On the latest "stable" version of docker for windows I know they have a similar bug. docker/compose#8186 Could be related? It may be worth downgrading, especially if it worked prior.
    Hello short question does someone her know if it is secure to Backup Matrix Volumen with Borg
    PostgreSQL and Container is running
    Better do a dump of the DB. That's how I backup my DB's ...
    Well, these remain consistent. Taking a binary copy of the files while there is change happening can cause your backup to be unusable.
    Okay, then the best idea is to backup the SQL-DB AS DUMP and the IMG DATA etc. with Borg

    Hi friends,

    version: "3.9"
        image: p4
          context: ./base
            - P4USER=${P4USER}
            - P4PORT=${P4PORT}
            - P4CLIENT=${P4CLIENT}
            - P4DIFF=${P4DIFF}
            - P4EDITOR=${P4EDITOR}
            - OS_USER=guser
        container_name: p4
        entrypoint: /bin/bash
        command: /bin/bash -c /home/guser/dc-scripts/init.sh
          - foo='bar'
        stdin_open: true
        tty: true
          - ./volumes/nfs/guser:/home/guser
          - ./scripts/p4:/home/guser/dc-scripts
    docker ps -a                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
      CONTAINER ID   IMAGE     COMMAND                  CREATED          STATUS                        PORTS     NAMES
      d2ba6b175870   p4        "/bin/bash /bin/bash…"   11 seconds ago   Exited (126) 10 seconds ago             p4

    How can I keep this container running until I do docker-compose stop. Right now they exit just in few seconds

    hey guys, how do I get the public IP address of a dockerhub container? trying to access it
    Docker inspect?
    Slaus Blinnikov

    Hello! Trying to find a tool to assist in implementing build/test pipelines based on Docker running directly on host 🙄 . Something like expressing build/test pipeline:

    • ...
    • pull gcc/cmake
    • mount ./cpp_build
    • run gcc/cmake ./cpp_build
    • sh ./cpp_build/my_script.sh
    • build-image ./cpp_build.Dockerfile -tag my-cpp-app
    • ...

    Pipelines supposed to be somewhat composable (reusable); distributed among team members through SCM(git); maybe report results to eMail (builds might take hours?); 🤔 etc.
    I'm kinda frustrated that can't find something like that for pretty long time. Was evaluating self-hosted CI/CD tools for that like Jenkins, Concourse, Drone, etc. and they don't actually fit (critically: for example you can't use host's GPU which is part of build process). When it happens eventually it just becomes obvious that you was sitting on top of it the whole time 😁 .
    Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

    Neil Haria
    @nerkartushar8 use —restart always
    Paweł Ślusarczyk
    Hi! Anyone could help me with my problem? Accidentaly I removed a directory containing folders that a few volumes of my running containers were mapped to. The containers are still working and they still have the data contained in the volumes, but I'm afraid the data will be lost when I stop them. What can I do?
    1 reply
    Rohan Suri
    Hi guys,
    Is there any way to give static IP to a container in docker0 network?
    Venkatesh Meruva

    I'm getting below error in docker while access for gitlab container

    + docker login -u **** -p **** localhost:5269 WARNING! Using --password via the CLI is insecure. Use --password-stdin. Error response from daemon: Get http://localhost:5269/v2/: unauthorized: authentication required
    what I'm missing please help me

    Philip Mutua
    Hi everyone,
    How does one connect webapp container to MYSQL client that has been installed locally on the machine?
    make sure mysql listens on an ip different from and configure the app to use that IP
    Hello everyone, Does anyone know how to replicate the docker-compose settings when no network_mode has been included? do I have to specifically setup a network in the compose and add all the services to it?