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Repo info
    Sıddık AÇIL
    I am guessing the addresses in his image are "small". How is that a problem? Those memory locations are virtual addresses so it is just normal.
    docker-compose with -d
    deleted my persistent volume
    is it normal ?
    every time when I run a docker with -d , it deletes my volume (or atleast I can't see mysql created db) when I spin up mysql container

    @onriv what do you mean? and how is that related to the image you posted?

    I'm sorry, it's unrelated to docker. I compiled a c++ program and included a wrong version of header files of a dependency. (at that time I though it maybe a docker related problem)

    can anyone forward me to any channel specific to docker content trust. Notary server!
    I am doing a POC and facing issues
    src/github.com/go-sql-driver/mysql/driver.go undefined: driver.connector
    go version
    go1.15 linux/amd64
    any help is appreciated
    my manager is killing me 🤪🤪🤪
    I found that it was possible with go version higher than 1.10 and looking at the v 1.15 it should be supported right?
    How can i i write files to disk from a springboot app docker image? Whats the best strategy to address this requirement?
    the app has to upload and save images on disk and also display them on angular app and also the files should be downoloadedable from angular app
    Does anyone have this problem? after I updated to the latest version of Docker, I can't now connect to any of my containers' databases, like mongo always throws that auth failed. I searched but not found any solution that worked. Everything was working fine in the previous version
    @DoraRajappan which disk? remote or local?
    Lical disk...
    Local disk @yosiasz
    Is docker running on some hypervisor server or locally on your laptop/desktop
    For now its running on my laptop... but it will be on some hypervidor server later..
    Hi, where i can find good document with example for docker storage things ? which one is better , manage persistant storage by docker volume or by mount to seprate path instead it goes to /var/lib/docker/volumes ?
    [graphdriver] prior storage driver overlay2 failed: driver not supported
    help me

    Phase > <@gitter_niuziyuanpy:matrix.org> [graphdriver] prior storage driver overlay2 failed: driver not supported

    If I remember correctly, I got this after an upgrade of docker. Luckily, thx to the upgrade, they were no container needed on the machine. Thus, I moved the content of /var/lib/docker to somewhere else. A reboot of the docker daemon later, the daemon started correctly. Be careful, it had lost all its images.

    @matrixbot I don't understand
    Haley The filesystem format is not the same (the way the files/layers are saved under /var/lib/docker.).
    Haley Only way to cope with that, is:
    Haley 1. Before the upgrade of the OS/Docker version, save all layers/images you need as tar files using the save command.
    Haley 2. upgrade the OS, but remove docker
    Haley 3. delete /var/lib/docker
    Haley 4. install docker again (new version). make sure it runs.
    Haley 5. Import the saved images
    thank you
    Haley had that when moving from old debian to debian 9 .. What a pain it was :}
    Phase It's either an update of the OS or of docker.
    docker update
    Phase Is it working now? What helped?
    Haley It is docker update. With the new debian version came a new docker version which changed the default filesystem overlay format.

    Phase > <@neo:solsys.org> It is docker update. With the new debian version came a new docker version which changed the default filesystem overlay format.

    I had the same issue also it's just the person ask for help and then disappear... Not a big fan of this behavior.

    Haley same.
    Haley :}
    Phase * I had the same issue also it's just the person asks for help and then disappears... Not a big fan of this behavior.
    Error starting daemon: Error initializing network controller: error obtaining controller instance: failed to create NAT chain: iptables failed: iptables --wait -t nat -N DOCKER: iptables v1.4.21: can't initialize iptables table `nat': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?)
    Phase What means QAQ?
    Phase I never had this issue to create the DOCKER chain...
    Phase Can you do it by hand? With root user? The command line it gives looks valid. I would try a:
    sudo iptables -t nat -N DOCKER

    i create a dockerfile based of node

    FROM node:12.18.1
    RUN mkdir /usr/local/src/app \
        && mkdir /usr/local/src/app/node_modules \
        && chown node /usr/local/src/app \
        && chown node /usr/local/src/app/node_modules
    WORKDIR /usr/local/src/app
    COPY app-scripts /usr/local/src/app-scripts
    COPY package.json .
    COPY package-lock.json .
    RUN npm -v
    CMD [ "node" ]

    I wanted to leave it installable in a docker-composes file with the following execution

        image: my-image-node:0.0.1
          context: .
          dockerfile: Dockerfile.dev
        command: npm install && npm run start:dev
            NODE_ENV: development
          BUILD_ENV: development

    when i launch the server i got this error id: 'npm': no such user
    is there someone who can help me? Thanks

    Hello, can we specify this condition in nginx.conf for header validation. I need to read value from a file
    if($http_authorization != /path/to/file)