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    Christophe Canus (duerer) A test message send by duerer in socialnetwork channel in the team domain innovcommunity at 1480030406.000025

    Hello community this week, i want to share a mind blowing article from the series “Build a nodejs cinema microservice”, that i have published @medium, this article is fully charged with docker and its ecosystem, as always you are welcome to give me a feedback, contributions or just put a comment below =]


    Yeshwanth Kumar
    hello all! I see the digitalocean driver is old, i think its got godo v0.1.0 where newer version 1.0.0 has been released. any reason why its not changed stil?
    Hai All
    Hi all, I build an image with exist name in my machine, will this new image overwrite the old one?
    Stefan Scherer
    Yes the tag will be used for the new build.

    "We are soon going to release Blockchain Tutorial using GOlang for Developers on our Gitter and telegram group - you can join our groups

    Gitter : https://gitter.im/Karachain-Project
    Telegram: https://t.me/karachain"

    Matt Allison
    https://gist.github.com/c-darwin/a9a96a4eaae16c0d410f34e434594132 These crazy guys spent several years developing their own blockchain platform from scratch. Get this, instead of going for an ICO like everyone else does and raking in hundreds of millions dollars, they announced they’ll be giving away most of their tokens to GitHub users. For free!
    Harshana Nanayakkara
    hey guys, new to all things docker. I am planning to use docker machine to remote deploy containers. I have a question about how to setup remote hosts. I looked at the documentation its not that clear to me.
    Rikki Goudarzi
    Folks - is anyone from the docker/machine dev team available here? we are having a chat with Minikube team - I was wondering if you could join our conversation.
    Mike BRIGHT
    Hi @harshana5, do you have specific qns, or can you let us know how you want to use d-m, locally on linux, using virtualbox for example or other platforms ...?
    Harshana Nanayakkara
    Hey @mjbright thanks, I was trying to DM on AWS. I can see it creates the ec2 but then it hungs when it try to connect
    not 100% sure whats wrong and couldnt find proper doco for DM either
    Mike BRIGHT
    Hi @harshana5 , I'll need a bit more info to go on. I've not used DM with AWS before but I tried it just now. Worked like a charm. I configured my /.aws/credentials as described here https://docs.docker.com/machine/examples/aws/#step-2-use-machine-to-create-the-instance. Then I did "docker-machine create --driver amazonec2 --amazonec2-open-port 8000 --amazonec2-region us-east-1 aws-sandbox" (had to try a few different region values, the us-west-1 value was giving errors). After a couple of minutes I could login using "docker-machine ssh aws-sandbox". After exiting from the ssh I could use docker also, e.g. I could run hello-world as "docker $(docker-machine config aws-sandbox) run hello-world". Are you able to do any of these things? If not can you be precise about the errors you're seeing? Cheers
    Harshana Nanayakkara
    Hi @mjbright Thanks I got it to work on my default vpc and it all seemed to work
    however when I try to run on my own vpc and security groups etc it fails to detect the ssh
    Harshana Nanayakkara
    I wonder if its something to do with the SSH key :worried: but that doesnt explain why it worked on the default vpc tho
    Harshana Nanayakkara
    dont worry I figured it out. Its to do with the subnet. When DM spins the machine up its spind with a /24 mask and I was out side of that range
    Harshana Nanayakkara
    i wonder is there is a way to specify the range ?
    Harshana Nanayakkara
    @here Can we BYO machines to docker-machine ?
    Merlijn Versteegen
    Hello, I am using docker-machine on a Mac. The docker container runs a blockchain node on a certain ip say I want to be able to make a call from my Mac host to How can this be achieved?
    Harshana Nanayakkara
    @here has anyone had luck with vmwarevsphere driver ?
    Robert Rettig
    there are so many forks, some one knows one where this issue #1532 is solved already or where a PR exists? https://github.com/docker/machine/issues/1532#issuecomment-338001597
    I configured windows command line with docker-machine env default variables. Now "docker-machine ls" shows results. But each time I input command docker ps -a I get an error during connect: Get dial tcp connectex: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or est ablished connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. How do I fix this, so the docker ps -a works from windows command line by default not just git bash?
    Ok, my bad. I resolve the issue with setting correct ip for DOCKER_HOST env
    Martin Puza
    @here anyone know a workaround to the vsphere ssh timeout issue? since - i assume - the last update (or the creation of the second swarm) i am no longer able to connect with docker-machine, making updates of any sorts impossible
    the services all run fine
    Hi everyone
    I just copied image from one PC as tar file and loaded it as image in my PC
    Then I started container in privileged mode
    livirt is not running ..
    Anyidea why libvirt is not running in privileged mode
    root@chandru-OptiPlex-790:/home/chandru# docker run -it --privileged c3470860d469 bash
    libvirt.pid and libvirt.sock is not created
    Hi Guys
    How to increase "COMPOSE_HTTP_TIMEOUT=200" value and where to increase it?
    I'm getting this error "ERROR: An HTTP request took too long to complete. Retry with --verbose to obtain debug information.
    If you encounter this issue regularly because of slow network conditions, consider setting COMPOSE_HTTP_TIMEOUT to a higher value (current value: 60)"
    Anone one pls provide the solution for this
    Hi , I have pronlem in lauching docker conatiner from jenkins ..It throws me error "Key exchange was not finished, connection is closed."
    I verified that public key of slave or agent is present in master known_hosts file ..Also when I do ssh from master with Strictly host checking enabled it is working ...Only during launching via jenkins it is throwing above error
    Can anyone please help me
    I am using jenkins version 2.121 and ssh slaves pluin 1.17