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Feb 2017
Evgeny Shepelyuk
Feb 20 2017 12:00
Hello, is this chat a proper place for asking questions about Swarm and docker-compose ?
Evgeny Shepelyuk
Feb 20 2017 12:06
Is there any plans to add docker-compose-like functionality to docker stack deploy
I.e. to be able to start single service in Docker Swarm cluster using its declaration in docker-compose.yml
Feb 20 2017 16:38

Hello community this week, i want to share a mind blowing article from the series “Build a nodejs cinema microservice”, that i have published @medium, this article is fully charged with docker and its ecosystem, as always you are welcome to give me a feedback, contributions or just put a comment below =]

Feb 20 2017 21:00
@eshepelyuk i think you can just add the -c flag and designate your compose file docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml service-name