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Repo info
    i do not like this chat app
    maybe we can get a slack instance for this instead...
    Alan McIntyre
    Apparently you have to build a "model" to instruct Coverity that closesocket will actually close the socket so it's not a leak. Why it couldn't figure that out, I don't know.
    Jackson Palmer
    Sorry guys - I'll be MIA for a bit this week, moving to the states.
    he's traveling to the past!
    Jackson Palmer
    hey guys!
    not sure if you're still active over here
    we'd like to move to fixed block rewards + a dynamic difficulty retarget to stop multipoolers
    Kimoto's Gravity Well (KGW) isn't ideal, but we're looking at another algo
    if anyone wants to help out on the PR that'd be great :)
    @somegeekintn @alanmcintyre @langerhans @voidref maybe this'll send you a notification
    yeah .. ummm
    out of what I would feel comfortable doing
    how would this stop multipools?
    it just stops it from changing fast
    so they get more time to ramp up the difficulty, right?
    then it takes longer for it to ramp down?
    Jackson Palmer
    the fixed rewards stop coin jumping due to predictable random rewards
    and the retarget algo stops spikes in difficulty
    when the multipoolers jump on us
    but the difficulty will raise when the jump on, right?
    and the multi will leave as soon as the difficulty goes up
    and if the difficulty goes down fast, they will just jump back on until it goes up again
    but, I don't know enough to actually have an informed opinion, I am just guessing
    Jackson Palmer
    it stops crazy spikes
    so when profit = high
    multipools jump on and get all the blocks
    difficulty skyrockets
    then doesn't retarget for 4 hours
    KGW retargets every block
    so it's more fair once the multipoolers leave
    won't the multi just come back again?
    and get all the next blocks?
    I don't get how it works, really.
    what does the targeting use to set the difficult of the next block?
    if it's the current block, then it will still be hard for 1 block
    then if it goes down
    the next block will be low
    and the multi will jump on that one
    raising the next block, but leaving when that happens
    so the multi will get all the easy blocks
    and leave the hard blocks for everyone else.
    again, just guessing how targeting works
    also, how multis work
    the only thing that would work is creating some kind of way to make it impossible to jump in and out of mining
    if the point of mining is to make transactions work, then why not make the reward for mining the ability to do transactions