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    Dylan Schiemann
    right, ok, sorry, I get pulled in about 100,000 directions... some form of aspect should help then.
    @dylans no problem! I understand. Last things: 1. " you would need a local reference to the AMD module" - do you mean instead of "dojox/mobile/View" I have to pass registry.byId("myview"), hence aspect.before(dojo, registry.byId("myView"), function(method, args) { if (method == "performTransition" ) ... });? 2. as said before I cannot find in the documentation how to change the transition's duration.
    Dylan Schiemann
    @Mark-81 not tested, and it may have further consequences, but I think what you want is something like this:
    require(['dojo/aspect', 'dojox/mobile/View', 'dojo/domReady!'],
        function(aspect, View){
            aspect.before(View, '_doTransition',
                function(fromNode, toNode, transition, transitionDir){
                    return [fromNode, toNode, 'none', transitionDir];
    I think that will still preserve the afterTransitionIn and other handlers, but make the actual transition animation get skipped
    Can any one tell me how to create custom widget using import { subclass, declared} from "esri/core/accessorSupport/decorators"; and import _WidgetBase = require("dijit/_WidgetBase");
    class CustomLayerListViewModel extends declared(_WidgetBase, Evented){} with ArcJIis 4.9 and dojo 1.11
    I downloaded dojo 1.14 and it’s not working in laptop iOS 10x?
    does anyone know work around for this
    ehuelsmann rajna1113 (Gitter): what does "not working" mean?
    ehuelsmann Any specific error?
    @dylans thanks for your hint. Unfortunately it seems it does nothing... it executes the first function (aspect.before) but doesn't enter in the second (after _doTransition). Hence the transitions are still there.

    Wait! It seems it works in this way:

                aspect.before(registry.byId('myView'), '_doTransition',
                    function(fromNode, toNode, transition, transitionDir){
                        return [fromNode, toNode, 'none', transitionDir];

    I had to add this snippet for each View. Only for one it doesn't work, but perhaps there's something else - I'm trying to figure it out.

    Dgrid hey there, we are currently trying to render an inputfield (ValidationTextBox) in the header of dgrid columns for quicksearch functionality. We are overriding renderHeaderCell(node) and attaching the ValidationTextBox as a child to "node". However we saw now that event bubbling doesn't seem to start from the inputfield but from the dgrid Column. That means that many important events like keypress, mousedown are not available on the field. Does anyone have an idea how to get around this?
    Hello Team, "dojox.grid.TreeGrid" is support on 1.8 version.?
    Hi Team, I am new to dojo. Need small help. Plz help me
    I have a button and when i clicked on it.. will open a popup window
    onClick: dojo.hitch(this,'_editJobButtonClicked')
    but same functionality i need in hyper link..when i click on hyper link same popup window i need
    plz help me guys...
    Does dojo 1.15 supports ECMAScript 5 ? or it supports TypeScript ? Which standards does dojo supports ?
    Varun Verma

    Hi Guys,

    I'm using filter plugin in dojox.grid.EnhancedGrid but when i click the filter button i don't see a proper UI rather all the text and input area are overlapped.

    Can any body help me why i'm getting this problem.

    The css files I've included:

    @import "dojo/resources/dojo.css";
    @import "dojox/grid/enhanced/resources/claro/EnhancedGrid.css";
    @import "dojox/grid/enhanced/resources/EnhancedGrid_rtl.css";
    @import "dijit/themes/claro/claro.css";

    Does someone have a recollection what changed with CheckBoxes between 1.8 & 1.9 on mobile? On 1.8 everything works as per normal.. On 1.9 on mobile, checkbox checked value return true until the checkbox has been clicked two times.. (value true, but checkbox visually unchecked) However if I use the mobile browser via Chrome developer tools and click it (with mouse), it works as expected; e.g. as it worked before on a desktop.
    on mobile = on a mobile browser
    Apparrently it seems that dijit.ById needs to always be used with 1.9 onwards
    Ondrej Medek
    @durga73 For typescript Dojo1 use https://github.com/dojo/typings
    Quinn Bast

    Hello, I'm using a dojo html template and trying to render elements in a javascript array but it doesn't work inside of a <table> element. Putting the loop with a regular <div> prints everything just fine but inside a <table> fails.

    This works:

    {% for item in list %}
    {% endfor %}

    This doesnt:

    {% for item in list %}
    {% endfor %}

    Any ideas why?

    David Schontzler
    Just a guess, but have you tried <table><tbody> ... </tbody></table>? @QuinnBast
    Quinn Bast
    Hello, yes I did try using <tbody> and <thead> tags. Tried to make the snippet as short as I could. Thanks for the suggestion though. I think it is a bug in dojo's dojox. I submited a github issue here: dojo/dojox#308. I ended up moving to Vue.js
    David Schontzler
    Sounds good. Is this a new project? The modern frameworks would be better than dojox if you're starting fresh.
    Quinn Bast
    Yeah, I was going to make a project with the Esri JavaScript API and they use dojo for the api but I found that you can use esri-loader to load the AMD modules into modern JS
    David Schontzler
    Yes, the esri-loader is a good way to go. Quite handy! Esri is slowly migrating away from the dojo requirement for their API, so you should be able to pick the framework of your choice for your project.
    Hi All,I am facing problem in dateformat without timeformat in korean language for datetimepicker as filtertype in dojo javascript anyone please help me out
    lik the below columns = [{
    label: djpro.lz("date"),
    attr: 'dateString',
    sortable: true,
    width: "25%",
    filterType: 'datetimepicker',
    where only korean langauge this datetimepicker displays dateformat like yyyy.m.d but we need this with time format how to change
    it will be helpful if anyone helps out with this we use dojo.require("xwt.widget.form.DateTimeRangePicker");
    Hi All, Can anyone tell me how to fix TabContainer in IE. Currently it is rendering as vertical content one after the other instead of tabbed ones
    Even the example given in documentation page renders that way
    Im using IE11
    Martin Ceronio
    Hi there! I am just trying to understand whether dojo.io is a continuation of dojotoolkit.org or whether it's a separate codebase and, if so, for how long development will continue on the old base?
    Hi, I am trying to make the FloatingPane https://dojotoolkit.org/reference-guide/1.10/dojox/layout/FloatingPane.html resize on all four corners. By default it supports on the bottom right corner only. If you can share ideas on how to implement this that would be great. Thanks.
    Martin Dann
    @mydoghasworms It is a separate codebase that does things in a different way. The new codebase is TypeScript and works in a similar way to React.
    Hi Guys. I want to get some unit tests running on the command line via intern-client so we can add them to our CI pipeline in gitlab. Up to now we have only been able to get them working in the browser. I have done some tinkering and got some tests working but all tests that target dijits or custom widgets fail because the browser doesn't exist. I have tried to use jsdom as a replacement but have run into all sorts of problems. An example is the domReady module where stuff like document.addEventListener doesn't exist for example. Could do with being pointed in the right direction.
    Deno Vichas
    is there any examples out there of unit tests written in something like mocha or jest?
    Ondrej Medek
    @denov you can try intern https://theintern.io/ it's made by the same authors as dojo
    Adam Granicz
    anyone know an active channel to ask questions about dojo 1.x?
    Dunaevsky Maxim
    Only StackOverflow.
    Dylan Schiemann
    I would say we've struggled a lot with this. Mailing lists get overrun by spam, we tried setting up a forum but it's rarely used ( https://discourse.dojo.io/ ), and we set this up here which was more active with modern Dojo (2.0+) was using it. But 2.0+ switched to using Discord, and so we're just so fragmented across systems that things get ignored sadly.
    That said I never check StackOverflow, so I have no idea who is keeping an eye on that currently.