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Repo info
    it will be helpful if anyone helps out with this we use dojo.require("xwt.widget.form.DateTimeRangePicker");
    Hi All, Can anyone tell me how to fix TabContainer in IE. Currently it is rendering as vertical content one after the other instead of tabbed ones
    Even the example given in documentation page renders that way
    Im using IE11
    Martin Ceronio
    Hi there! I am just trying to understand whether is a continuation of or whether it's a separate codebase and, if so, for how long development will continue on the old base?
    Hi, I am trying to make the FloatingPane resize on all four corners. By default it supports on the bottom right corner only. If you can share ideas on how to implement this that would be great. Thanks.
    Martin Dann
    @mydoghasworms It is a separate codebase that does things in a different way. The new codebase is TypeScript and works in a similar way to React.
    Hi Guys. I want to get some unit tests running on the command line via intern-client so we can add them to our CI pipeline in gitlab. Up to now we have only been able to get them working in the browser. I have done some tinkering and got some tests working but all tests that target dijits or custom widgets fail because the browser doesn't exist. I have tried to use jsdom as a replacement but have run into all sorts of problems. An example is the domReady module where stuff like document.addEventListener doesn't exist for example. Could do with being pointed in the right direction.
    Deno Vichas
    is there any examples out there of unit tests written in something like mocha or jest?
    Ondrej Medek
    @denov you can try intern it's made by the same authors as dojo
    Adam Granicz
    anyone know an active channel to ask questions about dojo 1.x?
    Dunaevsky Maxim
    Only StackOverflow.
    Dylan Schiemann
    I would say we've struggled a lot with this. Mailing lists get overrun by spam, we tried setting up a forum but it's rarely used ( ), and we set this up here which was more active with modern Dojo (2.0+) was using it. But 2.0+ switched to using Discord, and so we're just so fragmented across systems that things get ignored sadly.
    That said I never check StackOverflow, so I have no idea who is keeping an eye on that currently.
    Adam Granicz
    ok, thanks
    Adam Granicz
    let me ask it here then
    how do you prevent a tree node to open/close on right-click? it's super annoying as is
    Dylan Schiemann
    @granicz Sounds like you need to stop propagation of the right click event from the menu to the tree... I know there's a way, but it's been years since I've thought about this problem. If you think the current behavior is really poor, open an issue with a running example on the github repo for Dijit and we'll look at it next week.
    Adam Granicz
    Hello , how to check the local dojo version? Which file can watching the dojo version?

    Hi, I'm trying to start a dojo 7 project in codesandbox but I can't get the widget theme to load correctly.

    The codesandbox samples in don't work. When doing a cli-create-app and uploading it in codesandbox it does not give errors but styles are not loaded.

    Ondrej Medek
    @pereibex for the new Dojo 2 and higher chat go to
    thanks ondrej :)
    Hello. Some arcgis javascript api 3.32 functions do not work using the dojo framework?
    plz help me
    Hello all, does anybody know if we can create a web component wrapper for dojo 1?