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Brian Curtich
Hi! The autoscaler is failing to launch runners due to Docker rate limiting… How could I make the autoscaler use a runner image hosted in ECR? I keep running into the “no basic auth credentials” thing.
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Hello, I am trying to run some tests that use an embedded postgres however they fail, however, the creator of the library states PostgreSQL has a restriction the database process must run under a non-root user. Otherwise, the database does not start and fails with an error.
He gives some commands to run in a docker file, but I wonder how can I do that in drone since I am using this image mozilla/sbt:latest or do I have to build my one image. This is what I have to add
`FROM openjdk:8-jdk

RUN groupadd --system --gid 1000 test
RUN useradd --system --gid test --uid 1000 --shell /bin/bash --create-home test

USER test
WORKDIR /home/test`
any help will be appreciated

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I would like to change the execution of a cron job
How I do this i can only add one ? I try to search for modify or delete it and recreate with the new one but i see no option to that.
Can you help me
Matt Bark
Hey folks, I see some discussions around the docker hub rate limits - I'm also having some difficulty getting my drone runners to use my mirror registry. I've got the docker socket mounted in my compose files and I've got the mirror set up in /etc/docker/daemon.json but the drone plugins are still hitting a limit
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Brad Rydzewski
@matthax we consolidated a bunch of useful information in this thread https://discourse.drone.io/t/how-to-prevent-dockerhub-pull-rate-limit-errors/8324
the last section describes how you can globally set the mirror for docker plugins without changing the yaml
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How to get buildEnviron in drone/drone repo ?
Robert Kaussow
Are there still plans to setup authenticated pulls for ARM/ARM64 runners on cloud.drone.io?
@bradrydzewski drone/drone#3041 how it looks?
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latest drone-github-release plugin is failing with
Status: Image is up to date for plugins/github-release:latest
no existing release (draft) found for the given tag
panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
[signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x1 addr=0x30 pc=0x80f256]

goroutine 1 [running]:
github.com/drone-plugins/drone-github-release/plugin.(*Plugin).Execute(0xc000156b00, 0x0, 0x0)
    /drone/src/plugin/impl.go:147 +0x386
main.run.func1(0xc00012fa40, 0xc000120a00, 0x50)
    /drone/src/cmd/drone-github-release/main.go:60 +0x386
github.com/urfave/cli/v2.(*App).RunContext(0xc00012c180, 0x9fb1a0, 0xc000118000, 0xc0001041c0, 0x1, 0x1, 0x0, 0x0)
    /go/pkg/mod/github.com/urfave/cli/v2@v2.2.0/app.go:315 +0x70b
    /drone/src/cmd/drone-github-release/main.go:37 +0x223
Benjamin Häublein
is it possible to have secrets that are specific for targets?
I want to have MYSECRET_PROD=a and MYSECRET_TEST=b
and access the secret basically either like that: $MYSECRET or like that: ${MYSECRET_${DRONE_DEPLOY_TO}}.
But the second one without specifying an environment variable for each target.
Isuru Fernando
@bradrydzewski, what do you think about adding ppc64le support? Anything I can help with? Oregon state's open source labs provides free ppc64le servers for open source projects. https://gitter.im/drone/drone/
Hi, i have a drone server and drone runner up and running in kubernetes. I wanted to ask whether its possible to have the configuration path point towards a directory in the pod rather than the root of the particular git repo?
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Matt Bark
I feel terrible for this but I'm also noticing the latest version of the drone docker plugin suffers from a DNS resolution issue listed here moby/moby#41003 is this something I should raise an issue in on GitHub?
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Gerald Berger
Hello folks -- sorry if my question is a duplicate, I did not find an answer on a quick search of the documentation. Is there a way to authenticate drone agents to dockerhub with a robot user so that the pulls drone makes during CI/CD use the credentials of this user? I ask since I am running otherwise into troubles with rate limits. Thanks!
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Jim Nicholson
Is drone/drone:latest considered unstable, or is it more of a pre-release?
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Johan Van de Wauw
I have a drone pipeline in docker that tends to fail if it is started twice as happens when pushing to an existing pull request (gitea). Can I somehow force drone to start this particular pipeline only one time?
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Hello, beginner in drone and docker here. I'm using a node image to build a site made with a SSG (gridsome) via drone. I would like, in a second step, to extract my build from the container and deploy it on the same machine. Do you know if it is possible? thx.
Sakthi Kumar
Hello everyone, I have been using drone for building the CICD pipeline at my university and I love it. Just wanted to know how self-hosted version of drone enterprise keeps track of the build count (15,000 build/year)?
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Dmitriy Komarov
Hello, we have setup monitoring of the drone server in prometheus/grafana; we also would like to monitor the drone runner instances? does anyone have a good way of doing it? We want to make sure that we are not over provisioning.
John Jones
@cn-dmitriy-komarov we use prometheus to also scrape the autoscaler metrics. https://autoscale.drone.io/configure/prometheus/
Any other reason why a step is skipped even when the dependency step is success?
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@bradrydzewski Hey mate. Can you please look into this:
Joonas Lehtimäki
Does Drone have some sort of release schedule/plan where one can see upcoming features etc?
Robert Kaussow
I have to ask again. Isa cloud.drone.io using a docker pro user for pulls or not? Because now also amd64 pipelines running into dockerhub pull limits
If I understand the forum post correctly this should not happen.
It is running, but if you are using the plugins/docker drone plugin you'll need to pass your own auth to that
Thomas Boerger
plugins/docker always requires authentication anyway, otherwise it's not possible to push your images ;)
as docker in docker doesn't have access to auth information from host
Thomas Boerger
IMHO cloud.drone.io should setup a pull-through registry, that would reduce the problem.
@tboerger unless you are doing dry-run builds.
or using google's pull-through registry ;)
Thomas Boerger
but for me the arm32 agent is broken for months now, that's why i will setup my own drone environment again.
Robert Kaussow
in my case it is related to "Scenario 2: Build and Publish to other Registry, but Dockerfile references Dockerhub Images"
missed that point, thanks for the clarification
Robert Kaussow
is this config: parameter in plugins/docker really working?
Tony Lawrence
Hello everyone, I was wondering is it possible to connect drone to a bitbucket server without using an 'Application Link'? I would like to use drone but do not have the ability to add applications to our bb server.
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Hello, trying to use runner exec in windows: getting this error
level=error msg="cannot ping the remote server" error="parse http :// first path segment in URL cannot contain colon"
@GoNode5 there is a space somewhere in your configuration, perhaps after DRONE_RPC_PROTO?
-http ://
@ashwilliams1 no space... and I have the proto set to... tried with ""
error="parse \"http\" ://
@ashwilliams1 thanks it was a space behind the http SET DRONE_RPC_PROTO=http
now it's working :-)
Karl Heinz Marbaise
Hi to all, I've created a .drone.yml file for my project also I've changed my docker account to pro plan; created an access token and configured it in my https://cloud.drone.io/khmarbaise/maven-it-extension/ account to put those things (secrets) during the run... but unfortunately I always get You have reached your pull rate limit. which is weird cause I don't even get a usage message in my docker account that the token has been used at least once...
The question is: Do I have to wait simply a little bit more time (started yesterday an 22:10 PM (CET)) ... maybe I'm not patient enough ... or do I miss something different?
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Sakthi Kumar

Hi All, I am getting an error when I deployed drone kubernetes runner -

level=error msg="cannot ping the remote server" error="Post http://droneserver.drone/rpc/v2/ping: net/http: invalid header field value for key X-Drone-Token"

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Good day Everybody, Iam trying Drone/Gitea. Not very lucky :-( yet: The webhook doesnt seems to work. I can login via Drone to Gitea, its authenticated and the webhook is created by Drone. But if I check the webhook in Gitea its failed:
Request method: POST
Delivery: Post "http://droneip:25001/hook?secret=qbxxGJvXP6UcTvTMChK7ubN6rqGsj9sj": read tcp> i/o timeout
http://droneip:25001 works
replaying myself: gitea OAuth2 Application secret was changed + drone.yml defaults to start with dot while git file has no dot. The log files helped a lot.