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Repo info
    While running the app i'm getting this error:-

    While running the app i'm getting this error:-
    Unable to find method 'org.gradle.api.tasks.compile.CompileOptions.setBootClasspath(Ljava/lang/String;)V'.
    Possible causes for this unexpected error include:
    Gradle's dependency cache may be corrupt (this sometimes occurs after a network connection timeout.)
    Re-download dependencies and sync project (requires network)

    The state of a Gradle build process (daemon) may be corrupt. Stopping all Gradle daemons may solve this problem.
    Stop Gradle build processes (requires restart)

    Your project may be using a third-party plugin which is not compatible with the other plugins in the project or the version of Gradle requested by the project.

    In the case of corrupt Gradle processes, you can also try closing the IDE and then killing all Java processes.

    Pleasae help me

    @Sudarshan-Impace : Start building it as a dev debug variant. It will run fine in emulator and on real devices. You won't need a beta (or a release) build until you want to publish a redesigned Tower as a new app on Google Play.
    @pankajvarma8_twitter : If this is your first build after cloning, do NOT upgrade the gradle plugin when Android Studio suggests you to. Lift the gradle, the gradle plugin, the build sdk and the target sdk carefully in steps afterwards. I did this in small steps and carefully corrected all problems and tested both build and running the app in emulator towards sitl between each step. But then I am a newbie of course...
    @OlavAa can you please tell me how can i implement mavlink in my android studio to send the pwm result as rc_override mavlink message. I am bit stuck over here can you please help me with it.
    @OlavAa and is it necessary to use dronekit sdk in the application to control the drone via virtual joysticks
    @James-paradox Out fishing and ran out of juice on both PCs. I can tell how I did it to support a virtual joystick, but not right now. The way I did it was to build in (make part of the project) the latest Dronekit version into my Tower based app (carppilot.org). And then I was free to make desired adjustments and additions. To run a joystick, everything you need is already available (rc_override, part of the experimental Api if my memory serves me right)
    My next challenge is actually to enable support for mavlink 2. Is not a problem til build the messages and the JAR. But a missing step on how to negotiate with the autopilot on which mavlink version to use (at least I think this is were I hit the wall on my first try)
    @OlavAa Thanks for helping me out, but I'm not able to find how to run it in dev debug varient
    Could not find com.google.android.gms:play-services-base:8.4.0.
    I'm getting this new error, i tried to resolve it but still no solution
    @James-paradox In the mavlink of you will find the class for msg_rc_channels_override. The public function takes mavlink Packet as argument. Broken down to sysid, compid, msgid and payload. For a rover that I made this for, two channels are uses (throttle and steering). You use the ExperimentalApi.getApi(drone).sendMavlinkMessage(mavlinkMessageWrapper). I build the wrapper like this: rc_override = msg_rc_channels_override. Then add the two desired PWM values: rc_override.chan1_raw = steeringPwm and rc_override.chan3_raw = throttlePwm. Assumption here are default channels for a rover. Then you also need to add: rc_override.target_system = 0 and rcoverride. Target
    And rc_override.target_component = 0
    Last step is to set a variable to mavlinkMessageWrapper = MavlinkMessageWrapper(rc_override).
    And then send the message with the function from the experimental API I described earlier
    How to resolved this error ,when i connect drone using ConnectionParameter the show me error like this when i use android 10 device otherwise worked well. java.lang.RuntimeException: Error receiving broadcast Intent { act=android.net.wifi.STATE_CHANGE } in org.droidplanner.services.android.impl.utils.connection.WifiConnectionHandler. Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String android.net.wifi.WifiInfo.getSSID()' on a null object reference
    @Sudarshan-Impace For some reason the object is null. Try to figure out why this happens for Android 10 only...
    Did you get Video streaming to work? If so, for UVC?
    Ok .. For video streaming i use GStreamer library.
    Could anybody tell me where I can find the code to parse Mavlink data?

    Dends on which language you wish to use. There are parsers for MAVLink protocol for Java, Python, C.
    A good place to start is here:

    I managed after some problems along the way to have a Java based MAVLink parser package which worked decently well with the APM 2.5 and 2.8, both speak MAVLink v 1.0 or 1.1 (I forget which, it was a long time ago)

    I used an Android device to connect to the flight control device via USB, and it kept telling me
    "No Devices found"
    But it can be pinned to a USB device:
    UsbDevice[mName=/dev/bus/usb/002/005,mVendorId=11694,mProductId=4118,mClass=239,mSubclass=2,mProtocol=1,mManufacturerName=Hex/ProfiCNC,mProductName=CubeOrange,mVersion=2.00,mSerialNumberReader=android.hardware.usb.IUsbSerialReader$Stub$Proxy@74646f0,mSubProductId =-1,mConfigurations=[
    I'm connected to Ardupliot
    availableDevices size is empty
    Mohamed Elwakil
    What drones do support DroneKit? Does Ryze Tech Tello support DroneKit?
    Hello, is there any Android Dronekit development Doc I can find online? http://android.dronekit.io/ looks cannot reach. Thank you
    As far as I know all Dronekit Android documents have been removed. So you need to read through the code and figure out how everything works on your own...
    Has anyone ever tried to update Dronekit to get Mavlink2 support? I gave it a shot some months back, without success. Also I guess there is a need for some "negotiation" during initial connection to decide on which protocol that is to be used. Like when connecting to a pixhawk that is set to use Mavlink... Have not found samples of how-to so far.
    How to load mission information on flight control
    The android code seems to be outdated. For this reason we are thinking of moving to PX4 and Mavsdk. Is there any other option to develop a mobile GC with Arducopter?
    Sreedhar Babu
    Does dronekit use MAVLINK 2.0
    Harold G Luzardo B
    Hello there, I'm trying to compile dronekit on a raspberry Zero 2 and I'm getting this error "Compile failed: Command 'arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc' failed with exit status 1"
    I have install the packages needed but I still getting the error
    Please, let me know if there anything else need
    Dronekit Android is Mavlink1
    Harold G Luzardo B
    Thanks everyone now is working!
    Now I'm facing another problem...
    I'm running a simple py script to arm the drone
    but I'm getting stuck at "Waiting for the vehicle to become armable..."
    Harold G Luzardo B
    how I can get more information about what is happening?
    Thanks again., I believe I found the problem
    coding error...
    i get error in build dronekit android Could not find method compile() for arguments [org.jetbrains:annotations-java5:16.0.2] on object of type org.gradle.api.internal.artifacts.dsl.dependencies.DefaultDependencyHandler.
    Michele Santucci
    I cannot access android.dronekit.io trough http what's going on there?
    The site has not been available for years (only dronekit python). To utilize dronekit Android you need to use what is available on https://github.com/dronekit/dronekit-android
    that's kind of crap - because what is listed there is pretty poor documentation.
    Hello, we want to develop a mobile application solution for remote drone detection.
    I would like to know if you have an api to detect drones and have their location and information.
    Or do you have drone detection modules compatible with flutter mobile applications?
    or is it possible to detect drones and have the information in real time via a mobile application?