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Oct 2015
Randy Mackay
Oct 08 2015 02:43
@ne0fhyk @squilter yes, the 50km limit is there because all our navigation is done in cm from home so the loss of precision starts becoming unacceptable beyond that distance. before you ask, "why cm for god's sake?!?" walk over and ask Jason Short. The navigation code was all originally written using integers because it was thought to be faster on the APM2. When we rewrote the nav controllers we didn't correct that out of fears of the impacts on the rest of the system. Now that the APM2 is gone and we're thinking of rewriting things again we will likely correct this.
@ne0fhyk, no it's not possible to engage simple/supersimple through mavlink. We don't even really report it to the ground stations at the moment except through a one-time not-guarateed, low priority text string ... and i'm not even sure if that change made it into Copter-3.3 or if it's just in master
Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Oct 08 2015 16:24
@rmackay9 thanks for the info! since according to the wiki simple/supersimple can be assigned to ch7 and/or ch8, is it possible to trigger it through rc override then?