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Oct 2015
Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Oct 09 2015 01:04 UTC
@rmackay9 @chaviw found out that the flight code keeps emitting camera trigger commands after a mission is complete (completed normally or mode switch out of auto).
is that the expected behavior?
Randy Mackay
Oct 09 2015 04:29 UTC
@ne0fhyk, I guess you could trigger simpler/super-simple with an rc-override but that sounds pretty horrible.. I think we all agree using rc-overrides is a bad idea
@ne0fhyk, is that Copter-3.2.1 you're talking about or 3.3? Also are you using camera-trigg-dist or something else? probably sending a dataflash log would be best
Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Oct 09 2015 04:49 UTC
@rmackay9 I thought rc-overrides was only bad for navigation.. so it's just good to avoid for any purpose in general?
@chaviw saw the issue while flying with the solo firmware
but when we look at the camera trigger code earlier, there seemed to be little difference between the solo branch and upstream.
and she was using the camera-trigg-dist cmd in a mission.
@chaviw is the issue easily reproducible while flying a mission with your solo?
Oct 09 2015 04:54 UTC
I saw it happen at least twice. I wasn't really looking for it, but I was definitely still seeing the CAMERA_FEEDBACK message after the copter switched from auto to loiter
I don't know how reproducible it is because I wasn't explicitly looking for it and I usually turned the copter off after a mission
Randy Mackay
Oct 09 2015 05:16 UTC
@ne0fhyk, I don't think rc-overrides is ever a good idea really. I think we need to add a way for the GCS to set simple/super-simple and also see it's current state.
Re the camera-trigg-dist thing, I can imaging it doesn't get shutoff when we switch out of AUTO, we can probably fix that. The only difficulty may be if we allowing turning on camera-trigg-dist both from an immediate command (i.e. a command-long) or during a mission. If tat's the case then we need to record somewhere how it was started (so we only turn it off when leaving AUTO if it was started from within AUTO)