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Dec 2015
Lauren Weinstein
Dec 22 2015 04:58
I finally got it working. I suspect the problem was a gradle mismatch. The actual version required was 2.2, but the config in there was for 2.4. Odd, but all's well that ends well. Thanks.
Chevy Hu
Dec 22 2015 06:13
Hi, all! By default, the pwm output from the 8 ports of IO, now I want to make it just from the 6 ports of fmu. How to do it? I modified the rcS file like this: #set OUTPUT_MODE none
But this is not useful
Chevy Hu
Dec 22 2015 06:34
It's OK now,
Chevy Hu
Dec 22 2015 06:40
Merry christmas every body :smile:
Hamish Willee
Dec 22 2015 22:08
Yes indeed. Merry Xmas/New year!