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Dec 2015
Dec 23 2015 13:20
@chaviw I get no response in onSuccess , onErrorand onTimeoutafter i call manualControl, i have tested other functions successfully in ControlAPI, such as goTo, takeoff
@chaviw Only this function didn't work, others can have react in SITL
Dec 23 2015 13:37
if anyone used manualControl successfully, please paste the example code, thank you very much
Dec 23 2015 17:53

I’ve been using manualControl successfully

ControlApi controlApi = ControlApi.getApi(drone);
controlApi.enableManualControl(true, new ControlApi.ManualControlStateListener() {
     public void onManualControlToggled(boolean enabled) {
          if (enabled) {
               //manual control is enabled
               controlApi.manualControl(velocityX, velocityY, 0, null);

I’m not using the callback for manualControl but my vehicle is moving

Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Dec 23 2015 21:49
@buqing2009 what's the autopilot and version you're running in sitl?