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Jan 2016
Jan 08 2016 18:33

event Arm ,but don't need set DroneHome

event Arm in

I need Arm ,But don't need set HomeDrone
how to solution

code in
public static void getArmingConfirmation(FragmentManager fm, final Drone drone){

getActionConfirmation("arm", fm, new Runnable() {
    public void run() {




I want set event WayPoint ---> Land and I want new Button RTL AUTO {arm-take off , RTL mode }
but i have problem DroneHome change


How to Arm ,But non set Drone Home ?
Thank You

Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Jan 08 2016 18:34
@tongzahub not quite possible. arming always set the drone home location.
what you can do though, is alter that location once the drone has taken off. The same strategy is used to implement return to me in Tower.
It makes use of the VehicleApi#enableReturnToMe(...)) dronekit-android api.
Jan 08 2016 18:47
ิิnow, I solution problem by I new missionProxy.addWaypoints ()
Waypoints point one Is first Arm Locaton and point two Is new Arm
Jan 08 2016 19:02
Now . I Need to know Status Drone .when Drone Arm ---Takeoff and Change Mode to Auto for Waypoints A - B -C Point .How to know? Drone is Waypoints completed
Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Jan 08 2016 19:04
@tongzahub you have to listen to the MISSION_ITEM_UPDATED event.
Jan 08 2016 19:11
thank you sir