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Jan 2016
Jan 09 2016 08:28

I have problem when start action Arm for(Android or Radio )

App is Waypoint received from Drone but i need remove ?

How to remove Waypoint received from Drone
when is star arm Waypoint received from Drone id lodeing

Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Jan 09 2016 09:45
You can either load your own waypoints before arming, or after arming. It'll override the waypoints currently on the vehicle.
Jan 09 2016 17:44

sorry I have Question
I need set setVehicleHome Action But I unknow parameter
---> final AbstractCommandListener listener

I think set paratemer is getSupportFragmentManager() but parameter it error
I see method take off public void takeoff(double altitude, AbstractCommandListener listener)
but set paratemer AbstractCommandListener listener it [getSupportFragmentManager() ]

How to set parameter final AbstractCommandListener listener ?

Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Jan 09 2016 18:40
You can just pass null for these parameters.