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Jan 2016
Jan 14 2016 03:33
@chaviw I need pause drone for Waiting Action command ex.[Lang ,RTL and joystick]
but Drone ----> load waypoint and waypoint success .Drone It Mode Loiter and Land .
Jan 14 2016 05:16
@tongzahub What I described above should allow you to determine where the vehicle is at all times and you can take any action when you reach a certain point
Randy Mackay
Jan 14 2016 06:35
@tongzahub, I'm not sure I understand what you're doing completely but the Brake flight mode is a good way to make the vehicle just hold position and ignore any user input from the RC. It requires the vehicle to have a good GPS lock though. Another option is to have the vehicle in guided mode and send a set-global-position-int command with all zero velocities
Jan 14 2016 10:28
@chaviw Do you have some example ? I really don't understand it.
Jan 14 2016 10:33

@rmackay9 I need set Vehicle Mode On missionProxy can I do this

ex Waypoint A-->B ----> Loiter ,Alt Hold and enable joystick

Jan 14 2016 10:34
@chaviw Such as , I want to set VehicleApi
and I've to do with this code (VehicleApi.getApi(dpApp.getDrone()).setVehicleMode(VehicleMode.COPTER_AUTO);)
So,How to set GimbalApi to work ?
(I tried to do with this code GimbalApi.getApi(dpApp.getDrone()).startGimbalControl(null); but it error.)
Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Jan 14 2016 11:56
@Nattharee you need to pass a non null GimbalOrientationListener to the startGimbalControl(...) method
then keep the reference to that GimbalOrientationListener and reuse it when calling the GimbalApi#updateGimbalOrientation(...)) method.
once your work is done, call GimbalApi#stopGimbalControl(...)) with the retained GimbalOrientationListener to release the lock on the gimbal.