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Feb 2016
Feb 03 2016 07:13
Excuseme, How can I know that drone is already landing ?
How can I know that drone is already landing ? and motor stopped after. Where I can check it on Tower Application?
Feb 03 2016 18:11

@Nattharee The information about drone states can be found using the attribute type AttributeType.STATE, by calling drone.getAttribute(AttributeType.STATE). This will give you the state of the drone, where you can look up the VehicleMode, isFlying(), and isArmed().

You can also wait for broadcasts to deteremine when the state has changed. The attribute events can be found here In your case I’d recommend listening for AttirbuteEvent. STATE_ARMING and AttributeEvent.STATE_VEHICLE_MODE and possibly AttributeEvent.STATE_UPDATED

Fredia Huya-Kouadio
Feb 03 2016 19:14
@MouliKav are you able set pwm values for any other channel?