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Feb 2016
Dennis Baldwin
Feb 17 2016 19:48
I wanted to share my experience from the field today. I've been working on a basic Android app to take panorama photos with Solo. Everything has been working well on the bench as it relates to gimbal control and taking photos. The problem I ran into today at the field was my GoPro Hero4 Silver completely locked up. I didn't realize this until I landed and tried to power the camera off. It wouldn't budge. I then held the power/mode button for over 10s and it still didn't turn off. I had to pull the battery. No photos were taken even though the yaw and gimbal pitch sequences worked perfectly. So I'm left scratching my head. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Also, I wanted to ask if the onSuccess listener of SoloCameraApi.takePhoto is merely an indicator of the command being sent to the camera, not an actual ack that the photo has been taken. From my testing that appears to be the case, but I wanted to confirm. Thanks.
Nikhil Khare
Feb 17 2016 23:03
@dbaldwin When the listener onSuccess method is executed it indicates that the camera's mode has been changed to photo mode and that a signal has been sent to the GoPro to take a picture. I believe due to limitations of the GoPro's API there is no way to be notified that a picture has been taken successfully by the GoPro.