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Feb 2016
Randy Mackay
Feb 22 2016 02:09
@ne0fhyk, @mrpollo, I'm looking at getting the balloon popper going again
i know i'm in the wrong forum (i should be in python) but are you members of that gitter forum?
in any case, it looks like the get_vehcle() call is gone now. Does that mean that dronekit only supports a single vehicle or is there another way to specify which vehicle I want to talk to?
Randy Mackay
Feb 22 2016 02:19
To be clear, I can see that it's possible to connect to multiple vehicles using different connections. So for example two vehicles on different IP addresses will work. But two vehicles whose data is arriving on the same connection but where each has a different sysid/component-id... that doesn't seem to be supported now
although multiple vehicles are rare they are becoming more popular especially with people using antenna trackers. I suspect if a tracker is used, dronekit will get confused.
Randy Mackay
Feb 22 2016 02:49
I've talked to PeterBarker and I think he'll have a look at this issue. dronekit/dronekit-python#516
By the way, I love how dronekit doesn't rely on MAVProxy anymore
MAVProxy is great but it's nice to have them separated because the startup is easier and more robust
Hamish Willee
Feb 22 2016 03:47
Indeed, though probably @rmackay9 best to post that in the dk-python gitter channel :-)