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Mar 2016
Mar 10 2016 09:06

Excuse me, I'll have the GPS of drone location and I want to change the GPS of drone location for 0.5 metre.
(Ex. Gps droneGps = dpApp.getDrone().getAttribute(AttributeType.GPS);
LatLong add_up =new LatLong(droneGps.getPosition().getLatitude() + 0.000004572885668,droneGps.getPosition().getLongitude());)

For calculate the distance(0.5 m), I'll trying to make the drone move to this location before stop moving for wait ...
Can I do this code ?
(VehicleApi.getApi(dpApp.getDrone()).sendGuidedPoint(add_up,true);) or if you have any method ,please suggest me.


Mar 10 2016 15:20