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Mar 2016
Cee Jay
Mar 16 2016 13:55
@RazaRana Thanks, works now!
Holger Steinhaus
Mar 16 2016 17:40
@chaviw Yes, that is what I do (in Android/build.gradle, not Tower/build.gradle). Except that I did not rename anything, so it is just compile(name:'dronekit-android.2.8.1', ext:'aar')
Also seems to work, the gradle log contains :Android:prepareDronekitAndroid281Library UP-TO-DATE .
Mar 16 2016 17:43
@hsteinhaus The Android build.gradle is the correct place. Also try cleaning and rebuilding. Sometimes gradle will use the cached files instead of new ones
Holger Steinhaus
Mar 16 2016 18:42
@chaviw just found Mavlink.jar, it is placed in ../dronekit-android-dev, outside of the project itself, which is in dronekit-android. I copied into Tower/Android/libs manually and added compile files('libs/Mavlink.jar') to build.gradle. Now Tower compiles. But this can't be the solution for the problem?